Thursday, February 24, 2011

I just thought I was tired before...

working 60-80 hour weeks now that I'm moonlighting as a pizza delivery driver. The thing is, since I am now forced to hurry from my 9-5 job 35 miles to the pizza place and then spend the next 3-8 hours frantically trying to keep up with those pizzas and directions and customers, I find that during the day I actually have more energy than I did before this gig.

Last year when I'd just work the 9-5 gig, I'd go home after picking up my daughter and running errands, plop down in front of the TV and sit and snooze and eat and sit and eat and sit. Then during the day I'd sigh a lot and wish for a sugar daddy. I still wish for a sugar daddy or to find out that my biological parents are actually Rod Stewart and some groupie ( [img][/img] would explain sooooo much!!!). But I'm still managing to get the laundry done and feed my kid and snuggle with her and the cats and visit my favorite online boards a little here and there.

Lemme tell you, I absolutely adore the pizza delivery driver bit. LOVE IT!!!! I wish I could do that full-time and make as much money as I needed but alas, that will never happen. Especially now when all the pizza parlors in these two towns I co-inhabit are so desperately short-handed and our population in said metropolis is bursting at the seams and we are getting hundreds of orders for pizzas hourly -- can't keep up with the demand and so by the time I get people their pizzas it's two hours late and some are kinda cold (so tips are sucking right now. SUCKING). I feel like once we get new managers and hire some more employees things will calm down and hopefully the tips will improve.

Took the part-time second gig so I can save up money to buy a new car in September when daughter dear turns 16 and I give her my old car to drive. Then she'll get a part-time job and pay for her own gas and insurance. She's tried everywhere we can think of for two years now but no one will hire younger than 16. She does super-small-part-time gigs for my boss and people at Church but it's just not enough to save up for a car of her own.

After we get the vehicle situation fixed, I'll keep working until I can get out of debt and get my $1,000 "emergency fund" safely in the bank. And then maybe save up some money to take a real vacation with the kids in the summer of 2012 (before my two oldest (boys) leave the nest for good. We'd give anything to go to The Wonderful World of Harry Potter over in Florida for a week. *please, please, please, please!!!*

Hmmm. Let's see. What else? Oh yeah, I've lost 5 pounds since starting the delivery driver thingamajig. If I could continue to lose 5 pounds every two months, I'd be back down to my ideal weight by the time I feel the need to stop moonlighting. That was a great show, BTW, and FWIW. I think I'll have to see if I can watch an episode or two of that instantly on Netflix the next time I have an hour or two. Yeah, right, when will that be? ;)

Oh, yeah. Last thing. Please tip your delivery drivers. At least something. I'm happy with the 75 cents left in change. Very happy with $2. And overjoyed with those generous souls who tip $5!!!!!! But I have to admit I get kinda ticked off with the people who say "Keep the Change" when it's a dime. Really? 10 cents???? Why I can buy a piece of bubblegum next time I'm in 7-11! (not. they cost 25 cents now). Gee thanks!!! [img][/img]


  1. Dear Amy darlin'! I didn't know you had a blog...(day late and dollar short AutumnLeaves much?)...You make sure to have some down time too so you don't make yourself ill. I've lived the burning the candle at both ends life before and let me tell "ain't" easy! I am not sure I'd be happy with cold two hours late pizza either, but I sure do hope it picks up for you and settles into a nice steady hum! I send you hugs sweetie. And if you find that sugar daddy, see if he has a friend! LOL

  2. Wow I'm tired just reading your post. I always tip people, they work hard and deserve it. I hope things work out for you financially.

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